Scrolls support resources

If you haven't found the answer to a technical issue on our site, you may want to visit the links below for more resources. Please be aware that while these are great sources of information, the following are not Mojang company resources. Because of this, only provide your account information to a Mojang team member via this site's contact form.

Community support chat
IRC allows groups of people to chat together. Enter a nickname, then join the conversation!
Scrolls Forums
ScrollsGuide and the Scrolls subreddit are active communities of players who create topics and reply to each others' posts. If you have a question about something, you can search through the archive of topics, or create your own.
Scrolls bug tracker
Submit a bug, or view the status of current issues. If submitting, please first use the search feature to make sure that someone else has not already submitted the same issue.
Lastly, you may have some issues if you're using Avast! antivirus. Check here for more details.

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