Scrolls purchasing errors

Scrolls can be purchased at, or through your Mojang account at

If you're having trouble purchasing the game, your payment information may declined due to non-matching card information, a card being over its limit, or making too many purchase attempts in a row (which may cause your bank or card provider to think the card is being used fraudulently). For information on non-specific errors, please contact your bank or card provider for help. Here are a few specific errors that can arise when purchasing Scrolls:

Error 400:

This is a general payment failure error. If you've tried and failed a purchase three times, please contact your bank or credit card provider to find out if the purchase is being blocked. Customers may need to have their bank enable international transactions, as Mojang is located in Sweden. Certain prepaid debit cards no do allow international transactions per their terms of use.

This error can also happen when payment information has been entered incorrectly. If you continue to see Error 400 after contacting your bank, contact customer support with your name, registered email address, and last four digits of your card number, and we'll look into the issue.


Purchase page only displays "Loading Store...":

This error can occur if you have a Mojang account but have not yet accepted the latest terms of use, or have not secured your current IP address at a new location by answering one of your security questions. Both of these can be fixed by logging into your Mojang account.

Charged more than once

If you have submitted your payment, please wait a few minutes and check your account for the game before trying your payment again. If you are charged more than once, you can contact customer support with your transaction IDs to have these voided or refunded.

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