Loading content to Minecraft Realms for PC/Java Edition

This article shows you how to load content onto Minecraft Realms. You can load content such as a Minigames, Adventures, World templates (previously known as Survival Spawns), and Experiences. It’s also possible to upload your single player worlds.
  Choosing a world slot
You can have up to three different worlds saved in slots to your Realm. Only one slot can be active at a time, but it is easy and fast to switch between them. This is useful when you want to switch between Minecraft Realms content. 

1. Access your Realms configuration menu. 

2. Click on the world slot you want to switch to and confirm. In the image below the switch is from World 1 to World 2. 

Loading a Minigame will temporarily replace the content currently loaded on your selected world slot with the Minigame you choose. 

1. Press Minigame to switch the loaded content on your current world slot to a Minigame.

2. Choose a Minigame in the list and load it by clicking the Select button.

Adventures / World templates / Experiences / Upload world
By pressing the Reset World button, you can upload content to your current world slot. Independent of what type of content you choose to upload to your Realm will it be presented to you in the same way, as shown below. 

1. Press Reset world.

2. Choose what content you want to upload.

3. Adventures, World templates, Experiences, and Upload world will present you with a list of available worlds. Choose the world you want to upload and press Select. 

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