Can only play Minecraft demo

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2014 09:39AM CET
The demo mode of Minecraft will show in one of two scenarios:
  • The account that you're logging in with does not contain a Minecraft profile (often due to logging in with the wrong email/account).
  • Your account (or code that upgraded your account) has been refunded. In this case, you would have received an email, and need to buy the game again at

There is no need to re-download or re-purchase the game (unless you've received an email stating that your game was refunded). ​Mojang accounts log in with their registered email address, while old Minecraft accounts can log in with a username. If you're not sure which to use when logging in, visit this article.

If you're logging in with an email, and can only access the demo, check to see if your account has a copy of Minecraft by visiting If you don't see a Minecraft profile listed or available to redeem, you have either used the wrong account/email, or you do not yet own Minecraft.

See below for a more detailed breakdown of why an account would only be able to access the demo.


Minecraft not yet purchased:
Scenario: You're logging in with a Mojang account, and Minecraft hasn't been purchased yet.
Solution: Visit, log in with your Mojang account, and buy the game
Scenario: You're logging in with a username (instead of email address), and Minecraft hasn't been purchased yet.
Solution: The username was created long ago, and is not paid. Visit to create a Mojang account, then buy the game. The username will be moved onto the Mojang account, and will now log in with the registered email address.
Just bought Minecraft:
Scenario: Minecraft was purchased, but a username was not selected.
Solution: Visit If you have purchased Minecraft, and have an account token, but have not yet redeemed it for a username, that option will be highlighted and available.
Scenario: New purchase of the game confirmed via bank/card account, you received an email with transaction ID.
Solution: Likely using the wrong email/account to log in. Try other email addresses, starting with the one the transaction ID was emailed to.
Scenario: New purchase of the game confirmed via bank/card account, but you did not receive an email with the transaction ID.
Solution: Email possibly typo'd upon registration. Wait a few hours, check your junk mail folder, then contact customer support.
Have owned Minecraft for a while:
Scenario: You've owned Minecraft for a long time (purchased before 2013), but can now only access the demo.
Solution: Are you sure that you log in with your email, and not a username? Try to log in with your username. If it works, either continue logging into the game with your username, or move it to the newer Mojang account format at
Scenario: You've been logging in with email address as normal, but now can only access the demo mode.
Solution: Has the account been refunded? If so, an email would have been sent to the registered email address, and you can visit to re-purchase. Are you logging in with the correct email address? You may have registered more than one Mojang account, so try another email address that you own. It's possible that the game profile was moved to another account, or that the email address on the account has changed. If you believe that is the case, contact customer support.

If you can't remember which account/email should be used to log in, please try other email addresses that you own. If you still cannot log in, contact customer support and provide your transaction ID, order number, or equivalent number. With the ID, we can locate your purchase and help you get logged in.

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