Manage invite notifications on Minecraft Realms for Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition

If someone invites you to join their Realm for Pocket Edition or Windows 10 Edition, you will receive a notification through Xbox Live. You can manage these notifications where you manage settings for your Xbox Live Account.
To manage your notifications, visit and log in with your Xbox Live Account details. If you are under 13 and using a child profile, you will be prompted for the parent Microsoft Account.

From your account settings page, scroll down to the section with the header “Others Can” and look for the setting Communicate with voice and text.

Everybody - receive notifications for Realm invites from anyone.
Friends - only receive notifications from people you are already friends with on Xbox Live. 
Block - turns off all notifications for new Realms invites. 

Regardless of your notification options, you will still be able to see all pending Realms invites in the Realms tab in the game.

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