While most Mojang employees are active on social media, the best place to get account help is to check this website for an article relevant to your issue, then if your question was not answered, contact customer support.

We try to keep this list as up to date as possible. However, it should not be considered a fully comprehensive resource and may be missing new support staff or other employees.
For bug submissions, please visit our bug tracker. This ensures that your question or issue is seen by the right person. Thanks!
Systems Development
Daniel Frisk
Leonard Gram
Kristoffer Jelbring
Tomas Sommar
Pär Axelsson
Stefan Torstensson
Robert Sjödahl

David Marby
Marc Watson
Olof Carlson
Philip Vieira
Christian Westman

Aleksandra "Ola" Zajac
Lisa Kempe
Isabella Balk
Adrian Östergård

Marina Kostesic
Josefina Axelsson
Hampus Nilsson
Nasim Derakhshan
Sarah Mårtensson
David Stuart Dahlgren
Mattias Victorin
Ellie Ashrafi
Adam Martinsson
Cim Borg
Marcus Forss

Brand Enforcement
Mathias Andersson
Anna Klingberg
Olle Personne
Matilda Åkerman
Josefin Olsson
Maria Malone
Brandon Andersson
Talia Grunt
Milla Stone
Karl Lowry
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